Tuesday, July 9, 2013

India the Kafka State

For a more detailed analysis of the case so far read this thorough analysis.

India's biggest murder investigation.. the Aarushi-Hemraj Murder is a total farce..

set in a modern day Kafka state.

here's the story so far..

1) The main accused(the Talwars) have no forensic evidence actually implicating them

2) They arn't being allowed to present witnesses to prove their innocence.

A popular reason given by the judges and prosecution being that the Talwars are trying to waste time.. They asked for just 13 witnesses.. and were denied.

The prosecution was allowed 39.

3) They arn't allowed to plead to higher courts

The judges have actually threatened them with fines if they make further appeals.

4) Police and CBI refuse to look into other suspects

The first police and CBI team to investigate.. botched it up.. but actually had 2-3 other fairly promising suspects..

they were replaced by a new team which for some unexplainable reason have only focused on the Aarushi's parents.

Meanwhile the actual murderers have enjoyed freedom over the last 5 years that the case has been dragging on.

5) Police, CBI and the Court refuse to admit any evidence that proves the innocence of the accused. They have no real evidence to prove guilt.. and won't allow any evidence that the Talwar's try to present that could prove their innocence.. stuff like what?

Remember the first team? they uncovered stuff that has been totally ignored... stuff like alleged confessions.

6) 90% of the publicised theories about what happened on that fateful night were fed to the public(via The Media) by the Law Enforcement professionals.. apparently that doesn't count as libel in this country.

7) 100% of these theories seem to be unsubstantiated, and pretty much fiction.

read on for more of this shocking case..

read the comments on that page for bonus crap from the insensitive and biased voyeurs.

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