Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ubuntu Edge.. what you need to know

Ubuntu Edge is a limited edition phone-puter that dual-boots Ubuntu and Android. Now when they say it runs Ubuntu, they don't mean it runs a stripped down, mobile version..

this thing has 4gb of ram and a little over 100gb of storage.. so it actually runs the full desktop version of Ubuntu! And its not just a dual boot in the traditional sense.. the two OS will be able to share data.. as in -

1) shared mail inbox

2) shared music libraries..


To know how the fundraising is going, and how much it would cost you to get one, check out the Indiegogo Campaign:

Mark Shuttleworth AMA:

Heres a Hands-on video with the Ubuntu Edge prototype:

And here are some of the top Ubuntu Phone Features:

via Inaccessible is Accessible

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