Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Gears of War PC edition

I'd never played the xbox version, but had seen others play it. Had been waiting a long time for the pc version to show up. Got my copy yesterday, and was all set to instal it. COD4 needed 7gb of space, so i freed-up 8gb on my machine at work and started the installer. Unfortunately the game needs 12gb!

So i took it home with me to instal on one of the machines there. Decided to try it on the laptop first coz it had the space, will put it on the desktop later. It looks awesome! The attention to detail is mindblowing, the characters, and environments are quite unlike anything ive seen before. heres some pics:

The main character is a guy called Marcus Fenix like all the other characters in the game he's a large giantish guy, who hardly says anything throughout the game.
The coolest feature of this game:happy: , which xbox fans have been raving about forever, is the crouch-cover system, which lets you take cover behind almost any object or wall in the environment... i cant describe it, you just have to experience it. I usually only play FirstPersonShooters, this is the only other ThirdPersonShooter i liked since MaxPayne2.
When you rightclick you get your crosshairs and, then you get a view from closer to the character's shoulder, its almost like an fps experience.
currently i'm playing through the singleplayer campaign. You get atleast 4 NPCs to follow you around and provide cover most of the time, however occasionally you have to split up and work in a smaller group.
I give the game a solid 10/10, and thats after having played Crysis and COD4. I know thats saying a lot for this 1-2yr old game, But hey, the story and art is just top notch. Its worth playing just for that.:D
heres a video of the game and a teaser for Gears of War2 as well

looking for a more in-depth review go here>>

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