Thursday, March 27, 2008

hp pavillion tx2009

Our studio picked up 3 of these last week. What makes these tablets special is the wacom pressure sensitive digitisers that they have as well as touch-screen abilities! Finally a good hp tablet that has an active digitiser! The absence of this feature is what prevented me from taking the tx1000 seriously, passive digitisers are just no good for drawing.
Anyway i finally got down and tried one of em out today :) its awesome!

was using sketchbook pro for this, but this and flash is amazing too.
The other notable features that we opted for where the lightscribe writer, 3gb of ram and 250gb hard disk.

After sketching a bit on one of them, I'm now seriously thinking of picking up a good tablet soon. The 12.1" screen on these beauties seems a bit small to me(although i do most of my sketching in an even smaller sketchbook anyway). I have to say that the complete lack of extra configurable buttons along the screens rim(almost half an inch wide), seemed like a waste of space and a major oversight. If you're a photoshop user, you'l have a tough time, not having access to a keyboard for shortcuts. These kinds of buttons are generally standard issue on most wacom tablets, and some other tablet pcs as well.

Will probably go for a wacom intuous or cintique tablet. Time will tell.

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