Monday, March 17, 2008

gears of war PC : Game glitches!

Its been a week since ive been playing gears on my laptop. Heres a bunch of glitches the game has. Apparently the game released with these, and almost anyone who has played the game will have experienced them. These bugs are specific to the pc version only, the xbox versions supposed to be fine.:p

Heres the two bugs i had, for a list of more bugs and possible fixes go here :

1) Frame stuttering/skipping.
This occurs every so often and most people have serious problems with it. anyway, epic has released a fix for it. heres a thread that might have the fix I havnt looked coz it wasn't too bad for me. besides i had bigger issues.:awww:

2) Single player game saves mysteriously dissappear!
heres how it happens- Logging into Windows live erases the file that stores your progress. Basically i lost all of my 1st level of progress, so i decided to look for a fix before playing any further.
The game auto logs in to windows live when a net connection is available, so avoid connecting to a network when playing it. still if you want a more permanent solution like me, head over here I have used a fix which permanently stops my game from using windows live, and starts storing game progress in a different folder. best of luck.:D

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