Friday, March 7, 2008

Myspace custom profiles

About a month back I was working on a project involving custom Myspace profile themes. Basically when people get fedup with the standart themes that myspace provides, they start looking at sites that do custom themes for them. So anyway i created a myspace account for myself and with the help of my coworker Balai figured out the basic css structure, and then started tweaking it. heres the result of that

view it live here>>

Notice the transparent contact menu, and the embedded Rss feed reader.
This took me a few hours to achieve, and i was quite proud of myself. Basically coz it had been a while since i used dreamweaver to just edit code.

anyway back to the present day. I discovered that there is another kind of user account on myspace called the "artist account" its, meant for music artists and bands. A Myspace music profile generally looks the same as a regular profile, however the css i'd created was not working on this kind of profile.

I remembered that as part of my initial research into custo themes , i'd been looking at sites that had online theme editors, and i had found, so i dropped by that site today. The editor didnt appear to work on opera:cry: so i tried it in IE:irked: and lo and behold it worked.
heres what you do:
go to

use your myspace user name and password to log in
and the site loads a page with a toolbar on top(probably ajax or java)

with these tools you can pretty much edit anything you want except for a few things which i'l mention later.

Anyway heres the result of just 10 minutes of playing around!

view it live here>>

The rss feed reader was embedded later. The music on the page was created using Cartoon Network's Funkbox online app.

pretty neat huh?!
there are some things it can't do , or rather i didn't find a way to do it through the site so far...heres a short list:

-transparent cell/table for the contact box, so if you put a transparent png image, its going to have a background colour showing through.

-Adjust sizes of boxes. you can adjust the sizes of a few of them though.

-give links the ol "underline on roll over" option.

all in all its a great online tool and requires practically no coding knowledge to operate.

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