Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mail2020 : Team Flip design's entry at the wif2008

So we didn't win at the wif, but we had a great time there. Met some great people and had an overal good experience.
Heres some stills and a video of our entry for the wif 2008 contest.
The idea was that in another few years gaming will be such an important part of large segment of the population. hence there would be email solutions that cater to gamers. in our case we took our inspiration from various games in the mmorpg, strategy genre, also games like simcity etc. that seem to be popular among lots of gamers.

Check out our entry here

the zepplin we used in the preloader and then later in the inside page also was the derived from the zepplin i created a few months ago as a small timepass exercise:D

click here for the original zepplin post

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