Monday, May 12, 2008

The legend of zelda twilight princess

Just got the wii's zelda game over the weekend,

The game so far has been visually impressive, but then after playing wii fit and nitro bike, almost any game would.
Its obviously cant be compared to what you find on any other console right now, but then thats not why people play on the wii anyway. if you want graphic excellence stic to a playstation or xbox, or PC. Even the PSP has game titles that look way better than the wii's best looking games.

Don't get me wrong its still a pretty spectacular looking game.
Like i said thats not why people play on the wii. Once you start playing the wii version of zelda, it suddenly becomes apparent that the wiimote controls have made the traditional joysticl system obsolete. especially when your using the projectile weapons.

just watch the video below

Impressed yet?

here's's more indepth review

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