Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Witcher

Installed this RPG called The Witcher by CD Projekt RED STUDIO and published by CD Projekt in Poland and Atari (for the rest of the world).

The game has really good graphics and cinematic cutscenes. The response by critics at E3 and on various websites is what made me want to play it.

To begin with the opening Intro blew me away, heres what it looks like:

After watching that i couldn't wait to get into the game. who wouldnt?:headbang:

The game is set in a medieval fantasy world, where humans exist alongside elves, dwarfs, and other creatures...sound familliar? anyway, you play as a character called Geralt, who is a witcher(monster slayer). Now at this point i have to admit i havn't read the book, so please forgive any misinterpretations/misconceptions that i seem to have so far :ko: .

Anyway so basically he has weapons training(swordplay), knows a few spells, and has hieghtened senses... basically some kind of mutation.

Story sounds really interesting so far, as you can see from the clip above. However, the fighting controls are mystifying. I've played games like Thief and Elder scrolls Oblivion, and i have to say that the controls in this game are not my cup of tea. It basically is clicking and clicking at the right time... unfortunately half the time the character doesnt seem to respond at all... very frustrating at times. basically if i make it through the game without dieing, it'l probably be from sheer luck, and nothing to do with skill.

Anyway will getback once i get through the first few levels.. maybe my opinion will change by then...
in the meantime, feast your eyes on this trailer from E3


FrankFristedPedersen said...

It is a great game. You can look forward to an exiting adventure once you have figured out the control-system. One of the best rpg's on the market at the moment.

chaitanyak said...

thats what i heard, only reason i havn't uninstalled it yet :P