Monday, May 5, 2008

Portal Player

I found out how the Portal player can survive falls/jumps from extreme heights :ninja: .

basically she has springy biomechanical enhancements on her legs.

so how come she cant run or jump higher? I just got through the entire game last night and found myself in various situations where some basic running ability or a higher jumping ability would have been helpful :rolleyes: .

The end credits were cool! glad to see something different for a change. enjoy the video below.
basically after you kill the aperture labs computer, she sings this eerie song.

the scrolling text on the righ is the names of the developers, the scrolling text on the left is the lyrics of the song.

Anyway the game is impressive as it is, and i've started playing it again in "developer commentary mode", so thats how i know about the leg enhancements :p .

will tryout the newly unlocked advanced chambers soon...when i work up the courage.

meanwhile check out this alternate ending/easter egg that NinjaxCad found.

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