Thursday, November 22, 2007


Just saw BSG Razor a few minutes back. thought i'd put down my first impressions.
By the way heres the razor itself-
in case your wondering it belongs to Admiral Helena Cain (Michelle Forbes) the former commander of the pegasus. she gives it to Major Kendra Shaw (Stephanie Chaves-Jacobsen), who is later appointed as Lee Adama’s (Jamie Bamber) new XO. eventually the razor ends up with Starbuck. enough about the razor. this BSG-special doesn't get its name from just this razor, but also this whole monologue that cain goes into when she's telling Shaw how important it is to be able to make tough decisions in harsh times....just watch the show(too many things in my head right now)

First off for those who havn't been "following" the show, this is going to be a confusing hour and half. but for BSG fans everywhere this is the juiciest episode since the last season finale.

The retro centurions and old "piloted" raiders from the old show are back. even a gold/brass coloured senior ranking one!

theres also some nifty new "colour coded" current models i hadn't seen before
or maybe it's just the lighting

Basically if youve been fallowing the Razor Flashback online Minisodes, you know that Adama(senior) in his younger days crash landed on a planet once and found an old cylon research facility where they had been conducting experiments on human subjects... the cylons eventually escaped with whatever "weapon" or "creature" they had been creating there. nuf said i don't want to put up a spoiler as yet. maybe in a month.

anyhoo, fast forward into the present and you have the pegasus run in to an odd bunch of antique-obsolete cylon fleet protecting something. the story then switches to awesome combat mode...

!spoilers ahead!

starbuck, shaw and a couple of others make a daring infiltration into the enemy's mother ship, and locate and rescue prisoners....

shaw is hit.. the nuke they brought along is damaged, and the detonator won't work... they rig it to manual detonation, and she stays back to blow up the cylon "secret"... and oh wait thats not even the big revelation of the episode!... while she's staggerring around the ship lugging the nuke behind her she happens upon the "creature" the cylons had created and it warns her(has somekind of paranormal psycic abilities) about a certain key character in the series..... and that is the big surprise. well ok its not as big as the climax of the season finale.. but, its still pretty good.

other highlights:

- Admiral cain actually does shoot her first officer for disobeying a direct order(as mentioned/rumored in an older episode)

- The reason why she is so cruel to her cylon prisoner is revealed, and pretty interesting.

- A closer look at the way the cylon model "6" infiltrated and compromised Pegasus's systems

- the cylon spy getting exposed and captured.

- adama senior in his younger days as a flying ace(as seen in the razor flashback minisodes...see the one embedded at the end below)

- another bit of fancy flying/crashlanding by starbuck involving a viper and an old cylon raider

heres my favourite razor flashback minisode:

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