Sunday, November 18, 2007

secret room in God of War: Chains of olympus Demo!

last night i found a secret room in God of War: Chains of olympus Demo !

int the last battle(after youve killed the warlord) instead of killing the basilisk if you just ignore the bad guys,and keep going to the right and open the door(tough to do, coz the basilisk will keep sending fireballs your way), the door will open and you'l go through... the camera is a bit buggy(think this is'nt supposed to be part of the demo) heres what you see:

short corridor after the door that leads to a roundish room with a bunch of smashable urns along the wall

a turnable device in the center- when u move close to it you get the "O" prompt

It doesn't budge though.

theres also a movable crate, that you can't break, but can move around and stand on.
and theres wooden sheves and a balcony over the door at the end of the room(no pics cos my psp crashed during this level) guess we'l have to wait to see what its supposed to be when the game releases.

as i said my psp crashed while playing this level
-the levels quite unstable, i wouldnt advise you to try it, if you don't have a brickproof firmware with a recovery mode.

screenshots taken from my psp using Coolj's 3.71/2 screenshot plugin Coolj's screenshot plugin lets users, take screenshots of most games - homebrew and otherwise - that they run on their Sony PlayStation Portables. The plugin requires Team M33's 3.71 custom firmware. Screenshots can be taken using the PSP's Note button.
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