Thursday, November 29, 2007

the Watchmen movie

Well theyre finally here... stills from the watchmen movie
i'm going to scan and put up some of the actual places and characters from my copy of the graphic novel. sort of compare them.

so heres the ganga diner in the film

heres a scan from the book

this is the news stand with the newsman and the kid reading the pirate comicbook

heres the same from the book...pretty simillar..its all in the details

and the grand finale

thats right thats rorschach alright... probably will look cooler once post production is done..
anyway heres the most intense fictional character of recent times, as portrayed in the graphic novel

if you hav'nt read it yet go get yourself a copy now! once the movie releases the prices of the novel will probably double!


Liberto.M said...

Ooo~ A comparison between the movie shots and frames from the graphic novel! Nicely done.I'm having a hard time imagining the movie will be anywhere as good as the original though: you'd have to make it a trilogy to fit all that detail in.But if it gets the right sort of folks interested in the original, then it's all for the best... I just tend to worry, especially after 'League of Extraodinary Gentlemen'.

chaitanyak said...

yes after the way they butchered LXG, I also tend to be vary of these graphic novel-to-movie translations. however after seeing what they were able to achieve with "V" , 300 and Sincity, i can't help but hope they get this one right too. :) then again maybe i'm just too optimistic.