Friday, January 20, 2012

Discovered Bastion today

Was browsing through the Chrome store today, and found this jewel of a game. Its called Bastion and is the first offering from Supergiant Games. The gameplay is typical RPG isometric gameplay set in a visually stunning universe.
The game's artwork immediately pulled me in, see the samples below..

the environment design is brilliant

the characters are well executed

and the action can get quite frenetic sometimes..

yet the game runs smoothly and apart from the loading screens(the chrome version downloads content frequently) i give the game ????? :jester:

The narrative that accompanies the gameplay is basically like a running commentary of all your actions ingame.. fun to listen to :lol: see the video below to get an idea:

Anyway the game is available for Xbox, PC (via several sources including steam here) and in the Chrome browser itself. The chrome browser version(get it here) gives you a free level to play, after which you can choose to purchase the game.

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