Monday, January 9, 2012

Just got a Pocket Wireless Router

Decided to buy this a few days back after months of waiting and perusing reviews on various tech sites. Its the Lava W150 Pocket Wireless Router.

Basically laptop is now a akin to a "desktop" semi-permanently affixed to the dining table at home :)
Now that i have a tablet and a phone that travel with me, i was looking for a way to use my existing Tata Photon broadband usb dongle while on the go.

With this device i now have a wifi connection wherever i go.

?Supports EVDO and 3G Dongles

?50 meter range outdoors

?Multi User Support - Upto 32 users on Local LAN
(i have no way to test this so will take their word for it)

?Ethernet Support (RJ45)
(plan to check this later)

?Plug and Play
This blew me away. Connecting a usb dongle to a pc requires you to install drivers and stuff the first time.. here theres none of that hassle. it just works out of the box. I guess since its an indian/chinese brand it came with all the drivers etc, corresponding to all indian service providers preloaded.

I just had to login via a browser and set passwords ..
for the device control panel, and the wifi security(wpa-psk).

?WiFi Standard 802.11 b/g/n - Speed Upto 150 Mbps
?Secure Access through WEP and WPA - Built in Firewall

Full list of features and Cost at the online store here.
Fiarly detailed review here.

The built-in 2300 mAH Li-ion battery can be charged using a standard USB charger or a USB port on a PC. A fully charged battery can provide wireless network access for up to four hours...

...The W150 has a transmission power setting, which is set to 100 percent in the factory defaults. We recommend setting this to a lower percentage as you might not need the 50 meter range when using it outdoors. The lower transmission range will not only ensure that your signals are not intercepted by unknown persons around you, but will also extend the battery life substantially.

-tech2 review

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