Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Published More apps on the Android Market!

A few days back I posted a tutorial on how to use Conduit to build apps that use content from rss feeds earlier. While the possibilities are limited to simplistic apps.. it is possible to create stuff that people will actually like.

heres a perfect example:
The Unofficial Behance Networks app

As a regular Behance.net user(my portfolio) i keep receiving email updates from them. A few days back i got a mail announcing the cool new Behance App! Unfortunately there was only the iphone version available. Instead of cribing about it, i decided to be a bit proactive.. if not devious and created an Android app myself! And this was the result.
Click here for the Android Market link
According to my developer panel's stats i have

349 total installs (users)
174 net installs (devices)

I dont know what the first number means am just going to assume that there are 174 users for my app right now.
Anyway heres the Windows Phone version.

Heres a new Scifi art gallery app i just created using various themes on the deviant art site. The great thing about the Deviant art site is that it qives you rss feeds for every search query you make!
lets see how this does in the coming days.

Deviant Art Scifi

Click here for the Android Market link

Heres the Windows Phone version.

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