Sunday, January 29, 2012

ShadowGun Exansion Pack

Just got the Shadowgun Expansion Pack!

Was just about to play some of the old levels, when it told me that there was some 250mb download available.. so i got it.. and its the expansion pack called ShadowGun:Leftover ..
heres what the first few seconds look like-

So basically the story picks up exactly where it left off .. should be fun :)

so heres whats new so far:
1) a new "roll" button has been added, that lets you... roll.
2) The new Toltek badguys are some kind of soldier/science team that are there to recover whatever tech they can.. so they are supposed to be smarter.. which is why you hear them talking etc. they wear gas masks..infact theyre a bit like the badguys in Halflife.. the ones in white.
3) These new bad guys bring new weapons.. one of which you get to use early in the expansion pack, its an energy firing weapon with a mag capacity/charge of 100 shots. am looking forward to what other new weapons may come.
4) The new bad guys will occasionally unleash a bunch of the old mutant drone type baddies, to slow you down.
5) Theres a new Badguy whose a bit like the predator type with the gatling gun from the old game, but with a lot more armour.. he's tough to kill.. so far used up loads of ammo just killing a couple of them.
6) All the old baddies and weapons are still there.
7) A new "jump" button is available at certain parts of the map.. that lets you jump across a chasm..or down a vent, under a beam.. etc. so far its been cinematic events like the earlier trapdoor/hatch ones.
8) there have been some fixes in some of the graphics glytches.. like earlier some of the flying and spider drones' explosion animations were missing.. theyre all there now. Theyve also added some awesome looking bullet trails
9) Other smaller artwork tweaks and changes i noticed are icons for the weapon's caches, and some of the textures on boxes and stuff now have the "Toltek" logo.
10) theres a new "see/look" icon on some of the consoles.. that lets you access security camera feeds.. mostly fun cinematics so far, nothing tactically useful yet.

you can see some of these things in this trailer-

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