Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DIY fix for Broken gamepads analog stick

Finally fixed the Gamepad.. Had discovered it was working with my android tablet, so decided to resurrect it.
Basically the right analog stick had broken and was just sliding around doing nothing..

so i flipped it over and found a bunch of screws.. philips head.. scrounged around a and found an old screwdriver that fit.. and opened it up..

found that the circuit board was also screwed onto the top of the gamepad.. and to get to the analog sticks i'd have to remove it. After removing it and gently extracting the two sticks i found the problem

one of the shafts had broken :( and could no longer fit on the controller's peg/pin

Now i could use some super glue.. but i didn't want to take the chance that it would come apart again.. it was a pain taking out all those screws!
so decided to go with good ol M-Seal

Most people use this for plumbing or art projects and don't think its good for anything else..
I beg to differ. Its a good adhesive, and once hardened is pretty sturdy.

and so...
i used it to not just stick the broken pieces together, but also reinforced the shafts on both the joysticks.. just in case(i really don't want to have to unscrew all those tiny screws again).

the Epoxy compound starts to harden immediately, but will only be rock solid in 30min at room temp.

so while i waited i kicked back and watched a bit of tv.

after 30 min i put it all back together and started playing :lol:

only to realise a few seconds later that the right stick.. though it works fine mechanically..
is not translating correctly to the tablet.. :ko:

it was giving me
left and right = up and down
up and down = left and right

don't think theres anyway i can fix that.. without desoldering, rotating and then resoldering the damn thing.. not to mention all those screws again :faint:

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