Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Relocating the Blog eventually

When i started this blog in 2007 it was meant to be something i used for documenting stuff that i tediously figured out with - Ubuntu, Custom PSP Firmwares, PSP Homebrew etc. I wasn't a blogger and expected to lose interest in it, in a few days.. really had not forseen that i'd one day have this many posts :)

I picked the MyOpera community because i was already a member in the forums.

never really compared the pros/cons of blogger and other more popular platforms.

So now it was time to look into migrating the website to a more customisable and flexible platform.. that i could host on my own server. I wanted to be able to customise the theme a lot more, add widgets, ads etc.. Wordpress was the first blog platform that came to mind, coz i had set up a bunch of them for friends and clients. Was already pretty familiar with the backend.

Thats how i decided to start a mirror of my blog on my own server. I used a wordpress plugin called feedwordpress which uses the RSS feed from the opera communiity hosted blog to pull content and post it to the wordpress system. the only drawback is that the rss feed can only give it 20 posts.. so the new blog has only got the last 20 posts :P

Anyway, will see if i can find a way to migrate the whole blog over there eventually. for now will be using both the one on the Opera community (can't abandon the awesome community)

and the one on my own server(always a good idea).