Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Identical Idea?!

"Wow how did this happen!?:yikes: ", asked a co-worker at work when i showed her this

see their entry here: 404 crew
A WIF preselection entry by a french team thats really simillar to ours!
Weird how different people working in different parts of the world can have such simillar ideas in during the same 24hrs that theyre all working on it.:confused:
Maybe members of both teams saw something common at an earlier date and it was at the back of our heads when we were working.:whistle:

will definitely be looking out for these guys when we get to the finals in april.


anonymous said...

Falbala writes:

That's crazy indeed...Did you guys try to get in touch with this French team...That could be a good thing to see how both of you thought about that!Anyway, that's crazy really...See you soon... and get prepared for April...Time is flyingAude/Falbala

chaitanyak said...

yes its pretty crazy :) plan on meeting this team when we get there in april.