Friday, February 8, 2008

Laptop Skins Again!!

Ok been a while since i did this, but today, i worked on a few laptop skin ideas for a friend at work. She has a yellow Dell Inspiron 1420, and decided to customise it after seeing mine:cool: :yes: . This time however i told her we'd do a vinyle print, coz its undoable and not permanent. I don't want to risk messing up while painting on someone else's laptop:whistle: :nervous: .
Anyway after a few weeks of looking at different graphics, she finally got inspired by a myspace skin i was doing at work. The theme was surfing, and thats where she got the idea for her laptop's skin. heres some of the ideas.



The final design is a tweaked version of the #1 , will post pics of it once its on the laptop.:coffee:


anonymous said...

Nitz writes:

oh man! this skin loooks coool chaits!!!:)

chaitanyak said...

:) thanks nitz. getting any ideas?