Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Clone Wars Trailer

Heres the latest project from Lucasfilm Animation and Lucasfilm Animation Singapore. According to George Lucas its going to have at least 100 episodes! so i'm going to be looking forward to lots of new Star Wars viewing time this year.
Heres the new logo

heres some more stills (Images from "Star Wars: The Clone Wars." Credit: Lucasfilm Ltd.)
New Clone Wars Trailer

checkout the official web page here for more on the show Apparently its not centered around anakin, like the last animated series was. In fact this time round they'll be concentrating on other Jedi characters and clones. A lot like in the graphic novel series.

So far i love the visual treatment. Everyone seems to be doing this exaggerated cartoony look...kindof like the treatment in "The Incredibles" and Valve's new Team Fortress game.

i guess theyve finally realised that most normal people find ultra realistic cg characters creepy. Anyway this way its a lot more fun to watch.

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