Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Opening titles of "The Dog Problem"

I saw this movie last night. I'd downloaded it a month back but never saw it, kept giving it a pass for other movies and shows. then last night, i'd just finished two episodes of Veronica Mars, and was looking for something fun to watch. Saw this on my hard disc and double-clicked it. The opening titles just got me hooked!

Its basically a series of cards from a Rorschach inkblot test being held up to the camera, as the camera fly's by the blots morph into these cool inked illustrations of stuff from the film like...characters, dogs, etc.

watch the clip below, you wont regret it.

The rest of the movie isn't all that great, but its ok. this is one of those classic examples of a movie's titles being better than the actual movie. :D

Theyre kind of reminiscent of Saul Bass's early work on hitchcock films.

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