Monday, February 18, 2008

Patapon demo

Downloaded the patapon demo over the weekend. you can get it at the PSN store , or like me, get it through torrents, here:

anyway, i havnt had the time to really sit with it, but the 20 minutes i did spend on it were awesome! For thhose who have no clue what i'm talking about, heres some images from the net(my screenshot app doesnt work during this game).

The game is probably the most original game idea ive seen since Portal:D . This is a must have for all psp owners.
Basically you play as a god for this tribe of patapon warriors. you send them instructions through drum beats! how cool is that:lol: !? You can direct them to march on, attack and probably other stuff. The sounds the characters make are pretty cutsy, kind of in the same realm as LocoRoco:p . Thats not to say that this game is only for locoroco fans! This game is something every gamer on the planet just has to experience! Its an unarguably the most innovative game i've seen recently. By no means is it an easy game. It took me a while to get the logic of the game:wait: , and another few minutes to start getting my hand-eye-ear coordination to work fast enough:hat: . Its a fairly challenging game, definitely not as easy as loco roco.The artwork here is amazing. Even the ingame menus are awesome, heres an example:

The characters can be customised to an extent, i hadnt unlocked anything yet, so havn't done it yet, but basically you get a variety of weapons and stuff like this:wizard: :

enjoy the video:

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