Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Trying out Windows Live Writer

Was updating MSN messenger today, and it gave me a list of other Microsoft crapware, that I could try installing. anyway, I decide to tryout Writer. It seemed like an innocent enough app to download had no use for the other apps in the list...photo album...etc..


Am posting this from the app. here's a screenshot of the app as you can see it sits in its own window like any other app:

live-writer it also gives me some image wrapping control

and some basic image effects, like drop shadow,

blur  etc.







It also has an "insert map" option which uses Microsoft virtual earth maps..

Map image

lots of other standard things....

you can even download more plugins...

The web layout view mode, shows me what the formatting looks like as i type ...this is definitely useful..


think i'l use this for a few days and see how it goes.
-update: scratch that.. some junk letters next to the image, weird spacing, make it so not worth the trouble.

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