Tuesday, February 12, 2008

my own kind of freedom: Steven Brust

Just finished reading;) Steven Brust's "independant" novel "my own kind of freedom".
Been a while since i've got my hands on any firefly related material. This was good. even though its not an officially licensed novel.
Just when i was starting to miss the characters, along comes a novel that brings it all back:yes: although Inara and Shepard Book were absent. All the same, it fits into the story which is set in between the last episode "Objects in Space" and the movie "Serenity".
those not familliar with the show, here's the opening sequence:

heres a trailer for the movie Serenity:

If your a fellow Browncoat, i strongly suggest you download the free novel here

heres My Short Synopsis
spoilers ahead:
Starts off well with a sort of "third person" narrative, and then moves into each persons' POV. It also gives us a peek into certain events at the battle for Serenity valley. Basically the crew are hired to deliver some lumber to the planet where malcolm and zoe fought the last battle against the alliance. when they get there, malcolm and jayne have a dissagreement and jayne leaves the crew. He goes into town and heads for the local security building to get in touch with the Alliance, and inform them about the location of fugitives Simon and River tam.

Things get complicated when an undecover alliance agent who's already on the planet is ordered to drop whatever he's doing and meet with jayne. The agent is'nt happy coz his cover
is now blown and someone tries to kill him. malcolm and Zoe save his life not knowing that he is an agent.
..in typical firefly tradition everything does not go according to anyone's plans and what's left is a fantastic bit of storytelling. I forgot to mention that it's pretty funny too.:D

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