Saturday, November 6, 2010

Quad-Biking over the weekend

A friend of ours (vdiv) is leaving Bangalore in less than a month, so we decided to give her a proper send off.. The original plan was to go Quad Biking in the morning and then Paint Balling in the afternoon and then a movie in the evening.. due to the fact that we are all in our late 20s.. and not as energetic as we used to be :P we decided to just go quad biking and then relax through the rest of the day and then catch a movie.

Here are some clips from the quad biking we did at the DirtMania track here in Bangalore.

The first rider is Arvind Prabhakar, the second one is one of the DirtMania guys showing us how its done.

The blue bike is a 600cc monster that only two of us took for a spin. the rest of us were satisfied with the 300cc ones - like the one you see one of the DirtMania crew riding in the video above(guy in red tee).

(this smaller yellow bike is a 300cc bike with manual transmission - 4gears + reverse)

This clip has KT Thomas going nuts with the 600cc

Most of us struggled to get a hang of riding the quads.. mainly coz we're so hardwired for regular bikes.. but after a couple of laps you start to have fun. me and a couple of others did 2 laps on the regular ones and then did 2 laps o the one with the automatic transmission..

(this smaller blue bike is a 300cc bike just like the yellow ones but with automatic transmission)

Had fun there, coz we didn't have to bother about the clutch and gears and stuff(getting used to the accellerator "lever" and handling of the quad was enough of a chore) in the end we all had a good time.. in fact Divya, the young lady in whose honor we were doing all this had a blast, she blazed through the track faster than any of the boys :O

will post more pics as I get them..

For more info on DirtMania click here for their site.


Got these pics from my friend Naru.. fortunately he got a few of me on the Quads :)

Here they are

This is Naru racing uphill

Divya speeding away

Vinayak and KT racing

KT going crazy with the 600cc quad

Arvind on the same bike

and here's me

figuring out the pedals and stuff..

off to a crawl

after struggling on the first two laps with this quad..

decided to do the remaining two laps on the one with the automatic transmission

That DirtMania guy behind me probably thinks i'm a clown :P