Thursday, April 28, 2022

Scrap Metal Evolution


This sketch from yesterday was composited with some older sketches of mechanical animals from my sketchbooks.. 

and voila, here are the results..

Here there be Serpants

Took this ink drawing into Krita, and worked on a equirectangular artboard to create a 360 version.. added color and detail digitally.
See the final one below.

A peek into the top secret Fish Lab

So heres the original sketch that I did in 2:1(equirectangular) proportions, and below you should be able to see it in 360.

Did a few 360 illustrations and experiments these past few days.. now looking into ways of embedding them on other platforms. Trying out Kuula right now.

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Smartwatch Upgrade

Got the Amazfit Bip U Pro(gps variant)

And yes it's in a rugged case from day 1.

My old #fitbit versa lite gave up a few weeks back..
(Structural failure.. notification and syncing capabilities died yrs back) 

This is what happened, randomly when i was at work.. the screen just popped out..
whatever glue held it together, just gave up.

Have had a ton of issues with syncing to the Fitbit app that were not getting addressed by Fitbit, so decided I was done with this brand. 

Amazfit is a brand i had been eyeing for a while, and almost all reviews were good for the gps models. Especially the way they just work with 3rd party apps like Strava.

So it's on to a new era of biometric data capturing for me.

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Hit-Monkey Fanart

Yesterday at work decided to do a bit of Hit-Monkey fanart.
Inspired by the work of Carlo Barberi, Sandu Florea and Marte Gracia in Deadpool (2008) #20.

Heres the process I followed in Blender.

First step was to use a single vertice to create a basic stick figure in the pose i liked from the comic.
To get this single vertice, you just select a cube(or any object) go into edit mode and select all vertices.. hit "M' to merge them.

I then added the skin modifier to turn the stick figure into a boxy mesh. (incidentally this modifier has a handy button for creating a quick armature as well). Manually sellecting a vertice and scaling(ctrl A) lets you block out proportions. I find this really helpful when doing quick and dirty compositions, when I am not thinking about production level quality for animation/gaming.

I hadn't decided on whether I would be coloring with vertex paint, texture maps or shaders.. did some tests with basic materials and modelled some props(guns, and wall) to help with the composition and posing.

The hair was again using the same extruded vertices method from before, to create strands.. that I added the Skin Modifier to, turning them into individual locks of hair. A mirror modifier duplicated it on the other side.

Then it was time to model the final details like face, sunglasses, teeth, buttons on the suit, gun details etc.

Worked on some basic lighting and materials in Blender,
.. then moved to Sketchfab where I like the way SSAO and Depth of Field works.
Also wound up turning on Tone Mapping and using Filmic to get the contrast and color grading I needed.

Here's the final 3d scene

and some renders

That's it for this post, thank you for stopping by!
Hope you liked this simple quick and dirty process for creating some quick 3d characters and scenes.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Concept Art at SMI

 Started teaching concept art to Srishti Students today!

Gave them an assignment and the results are really promising. 

Heres a sneak peak.

Assignment 1

Option 1: Pick your favorite source material - book, game, movie. (this is a more realistic scenario to how an individual would develop their own idea.. we’re just skipping the ideation phase.)

Option 2: Ask the faculty to assign you something from their super secret list of source material (this is a more realistic scenario to how the industry works).

Now, Narrow down your reference material to pure lore.. props or objects(pick something that has not been visualised before(in any game, tv, anywhere) and visualise this object, artefact, weapon.

1) Two A4 sheets of thumbnails. You will do 100(50 per sheet) quick idea thumbnails for the object. (60min assignment)
2) One final rendering of the one deemed the best, by your peers (NOT YOU).


















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