Friday, November 10, 2017

Interview by Singulart

Earlier this week I was interviewed by Singulart, a website that features some very interesting art and its creators!

You can read it here - 

Also do check out the Singulart website.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Undead Cat and Direwolf 3d Printed

 Printed via Shapeways. Heres the page where you can get yourself the cat! -

The Undead Direwolf is not available yet(till I fix the bugs)

In case you missed my previous posts, these are my take on the Wight creatures in Game of Thrones.. the show has only really shown us Horses, Bears and Dragons.. I decided to build on that and did a number of these creatures. You can see all of them here - 

Monday, September 18, 2017

Steampunk Hall of Faces

Found this cool site that uses a photograph to generate a 3d model of your face.. so did some 3d portraits of some of my team.. 

and created a Steampunk version of the hall of faces 
(where the faceless men keep their faces in Game of Thrones)

The image to model work is thanks to Aaron S. Jackson  and his team you can try out the website at -

Photographs are by Meghna Menon and Shalaka Pai of Falana Films

Heres the 3d model -

and heres a video of the entire process:

Wight Motorcycle for the Night King

Dragons are not the only thing the WhiteWalkers are turning into Wights!

(based on pics of the KTM RC8R).
A Game of Thrones "Wight" version of my undead bike
Heres the final model (repainted version of the older Undead Motorcycle from my previous post)

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Undead Motorcycle Process

Looking through my old work I realized I hadn't modeled a motorcycle in a while. So I decided to look at some bikes and figure out my next little late night project..
KTMs have been all the rage in Bangalore in the last few years so I decided to have a look at them. I lean towards the traditional motorcycle designs.. so this was new territory for me.

After a bit of browsing and allmost changing my mind, I decided to work with the form of the KTM RC8R ..

Downloaded reference images and started working on the concept in photoshop..

Not yet sure which one I'm going to follow, ribs sticking out of the top or bottom.. but anyway I started blocking out the base mesh in blender

All I need to do is detail out a few more mechanical parts and then I'll start on the "guts".
stay tuned for more updates.


Heres the completed model(you can dowload it here)

I stream these modelling/sculpting sessions live at 1700UTC at the following links:
I respond to live comments during the stream.

These are the previous sessions:

Monday, September 11, 2017

Undead Dragon

Reworked an old sculpt of a dragon.
original basemesh made in blender, sculpted and painted in zbrush

model can be viewed and downloaded here

Basemesh modelled in Blender
Sculpted and painted in Zbrush Core

Dragon Undead by Chaitanya Krishnan on Sketchfab

making of video - 

Head Doodles

Miscellaneous sculpting doodles

This one was made in Zbrush Core..

This one was made in Blender3D .. 

Mr Octo Splat Face

Believe it or not this is not a zbrush render.. its rendered in realtime on sketchfab!.. with SSS, translucency and bunch of features that used to be available only offline.

Making of video - 

Monday, August 21, 2017

Live Streams thus far

I didn't want to announce this till I was sure I could do this as a long term thing..
now that I know its doable.. here goes -

The Skechfab team invited a small group of Sketchfabbers to stream on their official twitch channel.
And while I had my doubts at first, turns out that I'm able to stream every night of the work week!
So in the last few weeks, I've done around 50 streams..

You can view the archive below(twitch doesnt archive streams indefinitely, hence I mirror broadcast to Youtube and let them sit there for eternity)

to see the full playlist click here 

I stream every night(Mon-Fri) at 1700UTC (10:30pm India)

You can view and chat with me during a stream at

You can also view the stream at the following locations:
(but typically no chat)

Youtube(I might respond to live chat):
Twitch(my channel):

Undead AT AT Walker

Decided to go back and paint the old AT AT Model I'd made.. Heres the result.

The old Imperial walker model can be seen here -

White Walker Cat

With the 7th season of Game of Thrones we got to see a lot more white walkers and wights (creatures raised by the Night King or his white walkers). I happened to be sculpting a bunch of undead things then.. so decided to repaint some as  white walkers or wights .

So heres the Cat

Heres a Wight Deer

And heres a mashup of Hellboy and a White Walker.. 

more to come.. 

Tweaked materials on old Doodles

Sketchfab has started testing some new features.. these are some renders using them..
Will furnish more details once they officially announce it. For now enjoy the eye candy!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Daily Doodle Dragon

Started a stream without a plan and it turned out fine..

Game of Thrones is returning soon so I decided to do a dragon sculpt..
Started the basemesh in Blender .. that took an hour ,heres the stream if you want to watch it

The following night I took the model to zbrush and this was the result:

You can watch the sculpting process below-

Heres the final model -

Monday, July 10, 2017

Daily Doodle Undead Cat

Realised that I had a couple of cat models that I could now sculpt on.. I wound up re-modelling them in Blender, and heres the result.

Heres the 3d Model -

Heres the timelapse of the whole process -

Daily Doodle Shotgun

Decided to revisit the biomechanoid look with another inanimate object.. this time a gun.

Heres the model -

Heres a timelapse of the modelling and sculpting - 

blender 3d model - zbrush core sculpt -

Daily Doodle Monster Plant

I suddenly found myself streaming live.. and yet not knowing what to doodle..
So I started googling random stuff and then remembered this old movie - Little Shop of Horrors
So anyway that triggered something and I started modelling it in Blender..

Heres the finished model

Heres a timelapse of the modelling in Blender and then sculpting in Zbrush Core -

And heres a timelapse of my attempt at painting it in Zbrush Core -

Daily Doodle Imperial Walker

Had started to model an AT-AT Imperial Walker from Star Wars.. but never finished it. The original was done in Blender.. but after seeing the models others had done I was a bit intimidated and kept procrastinating .. then I realised that I didn't need to stay true to the original, and could just do my own!.. so as I've always been inspired by HR Giger's biomechanoid aesthetic.. I decided to replicate it here.

Heres the 3d model -

Heres a time-lapse of the sculpt -

Daily Doodle Cyborg

Tried some hard surface sculpting this time..

Heres a time-lapse of the doodle -

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Daily Doodle Deer Charging

I had so much fun with the deer model I sculpted before, that I went back to Blender and modified the base mesh into a more dynamic pose.

heres the model

heres the making of

Daily Doodle Hellboy

I had modelled and sculpted a Hellboy bust before in Blender.. but didn't go into too much detail that time..
Heres that old model:

So now that I've been doodling with Zbrush Core, I decided to give it a try again..
Heres the new sculpt. The model was too heavy to load up in sketchfab, so i had to use the optimise for print option under the export menu.

and heres the making of

Daily Doodle Undead Bird

This one was also sculpted on a base mesh created in blender a while back.

heres the original model
with sound using 3 audio tracks by ezzthetix, one on either side of the bird
more of his music -

and heres the new sculpted one

and heres the making of video:

Daily Doodle Deer Standing

This doodle was done using an old blender model as the base mesh.
heres the original model -
Made in blender. inspired by this amazing T-shirt design by T.J. Zhang at
And heres the new sculpted version.

and heres the making of videos.

Daily Doodle Angel

Decided to focus on a theme.. this was also going to be for a contest at sketchfab
Anyway I ran into a maximum polygon limit of 20mil (zbrush has 100mil) 
so..  I never got round to finishing it.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

My first ever Tiltbrush creation

Created this at a Tiltbrush and Vive event organised by Sandeep Nayak and Dr Ritesh Reddy at ICS Fight Club - Institute of Combat Studies

And below are the ones created by other people

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Wacom Intuos 3d & Zbrush Core

So Sketchfab, that favorite site for hosting 3d models, sent me a Wacom Intuos 3d & Zbrush Core bundle!!

The Tablet:
Now granted its got only 1000 levels of sensitivity, compared to the 2000+ levels that my intuos pro has, its still pretty neat, and actually useful... since I really can't seem to notice any difference in the sensitivity.. at least not with any of my painting/sculpting techniques.

The bottom line is that I don't need to lug the intuos pro around with my laptop anymore. Also the wireless kit that came with the Intuos Pro is compatible with this, so I plugged it in here and made it even more handy :) 

The Zbrush Core licence:
Obviously I've tried Zbrush before, but since I couldn't afford it, and stopped using pirated software years back, I just never gave it much of my time, and almost immediately took to Sculptris and Blender's sculpt mode(with dynamic topography).

So now that I have a full blown unlocked version of Zbrush Core (full feature comparison with Zbrush here)

I started hacking away at it.
Heres the first thing I sculpted with the zbrushcore+wacom bundle from Sketchfab..

... now will slow down and watch some tutorials. 

Monday, March 27, 2017

Voxel Planetoid

Decided to take part in a Sketchfab contest after a long time.. this time thought I'd try something I hadnt done before - Voxel art!

In case you want to take part as well, the contest page is here -
this is the 2nd thing i ever created on Magic Voxel, was so much fun :)

I wanted to create an odd planetoid with a micro ecosystem and weird geological anomalies.. due to low gravity

thanks to @elbriga for the excellent tutorial on the Magicvoxel-sketchfab workflow -

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Photospheres from NGEF

NGEF (New Government Electrical Factory) of Karnataka in India was an ISO 9001 certified company with German collaborators and known for technology.[1] It is taken as an example of an Indian company that declined.[1]
-source wikipedia
Here are some pics from a visit to the New Government Electric Factory's sale.. (liquidation of assets)
bascially a huge graveyard of office furniture.. desks.. tables.. closets..

Heres one of the many abandoned factory floors on the massive property.

Update April 4 2017 : 
Went back to look for desks.. found this one factoryfloor that we had skipped the last time.. here they had been sorting all kinds of metal treasures.. everything from drill bits to typewriters!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

How to get a year of Adobe CC for half price.

This is not a hack. (well maybe its a lifehack) 
This is not me being a smarty pants. (if Adobe fixes this bug, I'll be fine with it) 
This is me just working with a broken system.. and then realising that I shouldn't complain.. coz.. I'm sort of winning at the end of the day!

So in December 2016 I decided to stop using my Credit card. I had struggled with Credit Card debt and decided it was time to get smart.
So after a year of paying for my Adobe CC licence with my credit card, I switched the payment method to Debit Card.

The first payment went through.. and then the following month it failed! 
So suddenly I found myself switched over to a one month trial of Adobe CC . Until that expired. Then I payed for the next month with the same debit card.. and sure enough at the next month's payment date.. the payment failed again.. and I was back on the One month trial ..

Again once the trial was over I had to manually pay for the next month with my debit card.

Frustrating right? I tried my best to get Adobe to see that there was some kind of glitch.. But they didn't . or rather their customer care system is not equipped to solve a problem like this.

So I told myself that the issue must be with my bank- HDFC Bank. They proved even less helpful... or er helpless is a better word. And so I switched banks. I was now a proud account holder at Yes Bank.

Did this solve my issue.. nope. the same loop has started again.

This time Adobe actually got on the phone with me! And they still refused to accept that it was something they could fix on their side.. They wanted me to go tell my bank that they should allow Adobe to charge them..

So I was going to call my bank.. when..
I just realized.. that instead of paying for Adobe CC every month.. 
I'm now only paying every alternate month. 

Why the heck am I complaining about that?