Sunday, June 11, 2017

Daily Doodle Deer Charging

I had so much fun with the deer model I sculpted before, that I went back to Blender and modified the base mesh into a more dynamic pose.

heres the model

heres the making of

Daily Doodle Hellboy

I had modelled and sculpted a Hellboy bust before in Blender.. but didn't go into too much detail that time..
Heres that old model:

So now that I've been doodling with Zbrush Core, I decided to give it a try again..
Heres the new sculpt. The model was too heavy to load up in sketchfab, so i had to use the optimise for print option under the export menu.

and heres the making of

Daily Doodle Undead Bird

This one was also sculpted on a base mesh created in blender a while back.

heres the original model
with sound using 3 audio tracks by ezzthetix, one on either side of the bird
more of his music -

and heres the new sculpted one

and heres the making of video:

Daily Doodle Deer Standing

This doodle was done using an old blender model as the base mesh.
heres the original model -
Made in blender. inspired by this amazing T-shirt design by T.J. Zhang at
And heres the new sculpted version.

and heres the making of videos.

Daily Doodle Angel

Decided to focus on a theme.. this was also going to be for a contest at sketchfab
Anyway I ran into a maximum polygon limit of 20mil (zbrush has 100mil) 
so..  I never got round to finishing it.