Monday, May 21, 2018

Mouse Keyboard Headset Combo

Ordered this combo set for my new  work computer - Redgear Manta Redgear MT41
It arrived a few days before my desktop arrives, so am using it with my laptop..

Was skeptical about the membrane keys but on using it(after years of laptop keyboards and cheap budget keyboards), its just so good!
Cant imagine going back to the laptop's keyboard now!

The included mousepad is really luxuriously good!

Changing colors:
- Pressing the ScrLk key changes the color
- Pressing the Fn key and ScrLk key lets you turn on breath mode(it cycles through the 3 colors.
  I havnt figured out how to make it breath just one color)
- Pressing ScrlLk key during breath mode will just switch back to static mode.

-Out of the box its  been programmed to have a certain color set to certain dpi so if you use the -+  buttons to change dpi it will also change color.
-If you install the software on the cd you can do advanced modifications.i haven't fully explored it    yet(have not found a single color breath option).. see the screenshots of the interface.

- As far as I can tell there is no way to control the lights.. nor do they react  to music etc.
- The lights are sometimes not the same on either side
- Disconnecting the usb plug switches it off. some might prefer that.

- Not a fan of the narrow Enter key.

- Mouse software was on a cd.. and I had no cd drive on my machines.. the website had no download    section. Luckily my friend had an external cd drive sitting around.anyway heres a download link if you need it.
- Headset lights are  weird
- No white light option in either the keyboard, mouse or headset

- Low cost. lets be frank, i'd love  to get in on the cherry key setups.. but who has the cash for that? not me.
- Just the keyboard and mouse combo actually cost more.. so this deal is a real steal.. while it lasts.
- The included mousepad is really luxuriously good!
- Finish and build quality are really good.. total value for money.
Get this combo here:

Mouse Software Download (keyboard works out of the box)

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Projection Mapping in Odisha

Did a last minute rush job on a projection mapping assignment in the city of Cuttak in Odisha..
Here are some bits and pieces of it.. more documentation to follow.

I had a couple of days to generate graphics for a 30min show.. so decided to bring my home computer along.. that way I could work on one while I rendered on the other..

This is how you travel with a gaming/3d modelling rig!

and this is how you set up a nerve center in the hotel room.

Here are some glimpses of the projection mapping during rehearsals

Big Red Mech

A quick blocking out exercise of a big red mech..

A Spider Man

Not your usual wall crawler this.

Spider Man by Chaitanya Krishnan on Sketchfab

Modelled with Zspheres. 
Sculpted and painted in Zbrush Core

Undead Jet

Another daily doodle.. of an undead aircraft.

You can follow along here:
Started it off in Blender.. 
and finished it in zbrushCore 

Daily Doodle Cybernetic Dinosaur

The title is pretty self explanatory :D

Heres the work in progress.. you can hit the speed options and watch it as a timelapse/hyperspeed video