Friday, January 31, 2014

Mimobots in 3D

designs for some mimobot pendrives by mimoco. these were part of a competition entry.. there was a restriction on the number of colours you could use ..  

see the whole set at

download the blender model for free at this link

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Falana Film's first live-performance video

Our first live-performance video: A collaboration between our favourite musical duo Sulk Station and the wonderful choreographer-dancers from The Storm Factory. This is a two-venue edit of the song 'Piya II' from the album 'Till You Appear'; performed at Alternational (The Bflat Bar) and Toto Funds the Arts Concert (The Alliance Fran├žaise de Bangalore). Do check it out!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Last night Skynet wished me first!

Was working late, to meet a deadline..adding  the 2d animated lips to a 3d character .. The usual.. (More on this later) ..

I needed to google at around 12:30am I go to google.. And it wishes me happy birthday(via a google doodle)..before any living soul could.

O google thou art Skynet!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Black Phone

Blackphone is the world's first smartphone to put privacy and control ahead of everything else. 
Ahead of carriers. 
Ahead of advertising. 

Its the world's first smartphone which prioritizes the user's privacy and control, without any hooks to carriers or vendors. It comes pre-installed with all the tools you need to move throughout the world, conduct business, and stay in touch, while shielding you from prying eyes.
It's the trustworthy precaution any connected worker should take, whether you're talking to your family or exchanging notes on your latest merger & acquisition.
You can make and receive secure phone calls; exchange secure texts; exchange and store secure files; have secure video chat; browse privately; and anonymize your activity through a VPN. It also uses PGP(Pretty Good Privacy.. its used by Symantec) data encryption to protect your data.

Silent Circle and Geeksphone have partnered to combine best-of-breed hardware with all the skills and experience necessary to offer PrivatOS, an Android™ based operating system without the usual compromises.

To know more click here. 
Pre-ordering begins at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain. February 24, 2014

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Chinese Hillstream Loach

Beaufortia kweichowensis

locally called a stingray loach, Chinese Sucker, Chinese Butterfly Loach or even Stingray "Pleco" ..
this Chinese Hillstream loach is the newest denizen of my planted tank.. hopefully i'll never have to touch the glass scrubber ever again :)

I've seen white/transparent ones.. am guessing they cost more(I never asked)..
these cost INR200 a pair at the shop i  got them from in Bangalore.

Note: in the past i have used ordinary plecos (locally called Sucker Cat) to keep my tanks clean.. but they just keep growing.. and i endup shifting them to my Cichlid tank.. finally decided to look for an alternative.. these Chinese Hillstream Loaches don't grow bigger than a few inches.