After spending 7years at a design firm, I became an independent consultant for a year. Then co-founded a film and animation studio in Bangalore - falanafilms.com which I left after 7yrs. I currently work on CG illustrations, game assets and animation professionally. I've briefly worked in the PC gaming industry, and have a lot of experience working on flash based apps and games.. which is now being channelled towards IOS and Android apps. Programming is not one of my strengths(yet), whereas 2D and 3D artwork is what i am good at. which is why i concentrate on the visual design and animation of all my projects... be they games, apps, websites whatever. I have plenty of experience with rich media websites and lately interactive experiences using 3d and AR.. , and i try to mix them all whenever possible. Incidently my final project at college was a sci-fi pop-up book for kids :) and my first part time job was as an illustrator... i still do the occasional print job.. but mostly stick to game art and animation projects. In my free time i play games on my PC and other devices, read comics, and spend time with my dogs.

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