Saturday, April 8, 2023

3d scans and NeRF from Bangkok

Sometime in 2019 I travelled to Bangkok with my team for a documentary project. While there we went on a boat ride through a river canal and passed a lot of old and new river front houses.. each had a nice jetty or balcony like structure over the water. At first I was shooting stills, then realised that if I shot slow motion video footage.. I might be able to generate photogrammetry data from them. Later that day at the hotel room I stayed up late trying to get it to work. It did'nt not on any of the apps or software I had been using for my other photogrammetry projects. 

Then last night I discovered Luma labs ai NeRF solution that runs in the browser. 
Here are the results.
Original footage:


This is the panorama you get from Lumalabs

And here's the model

Heres an mp4 of the NeRF (until I find a better way of sharing these)

Heres a low poly(they have a higher poly version as well) 3d model: