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Thursday, August 5, 2021

Combat Wheelchair Base Model


This is a Combat Wheelchair Base Model that you can either download for free..

1) You can use it in your 3d modelling/sculpting  project, the 3d files(.blend) are available at these links:
Yellow wood  and Black and Brass and more at this link 

2) If you are a 2d artist and just looking for a reference image, you can rotate it right here in the browser to get the angle you need and then take a screen shot. 

Combat Wheelchair Base Model by Chaitanya Krishnan on Sketchfab

If you need a transparent png, you can use this link to get that as well.

Heres how:
1) Right click and copy one of these links - Yellow wood  and Black and Brass
2) Head over to this page and click the "LOAD 3D SCENE" button

3) In the window that pops up, paste the link to the model in the "From URL" tab

4) You should see the Combat wheelchair loaded up like so

5) use the options on the right to enable transparent background. and the list below to hide any objects you don't need. Set the screenshot dimensions (goes up to 4k) and hit the "Export Screenshot" button!
Tip: if you hold down "Alt" and drag, you can rotate the lighting, and thus modify the direction of the lights and shadows to match your needs.

Import the png into your art program of choice!

I prefer Krita these days.

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Antler Tree Colony 3d


Decided to use that sketch(see previous blog post) of the antler treehouses, to create a 3d scene for a challenge over at 

The skull and antlers were quick work.. figuring out how to do the leaves in a efficient way was the real challenge.

The texture painting was a lot of fun. This turned out to be the most extensively hand painted scene I've ever worked on.

Settled on two color variations that you can see below

This is the original.. 

  and this is the other variant

Antler Tree Colony


Had this idea for a village of tree houses.. growing in the antlers of a dead ... deer/stag creature
above is the original sketch and below is the colored version. 

For more process screens visit

Batty Blue China Tea Set

A Bat themed low poly blue china tea set.

Full modeling and texture painting process can be seen below

蜂鳥 Tea Set


A hummingbird themed tea set..
Practicing my hand painted texture technique

Red Biker

Daily sketch..

Red Squad

Daily sketch..

Glow Brain

A sketch of a cybernetic character

The Mad Ship Paragon

 Meet the mad ship Paragon, a liveship from Robin Hobb’s Liveship Traders Trilogy.
To know more about him head over to

Thursday, May 13, 2021

The Experiment


Took the hand study a little further and designed an environment around it.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Tactical Hover Bike

 A daily doodle.. made entirely in Blender. The chasis, gun etc were box modelled. The rider was sculpted.

Forest Oracle

Came up with this creature for 3December 2020.. have decided to work on this one some more.. lets see where it goesYou can see the rest of my 3December set at

Wednesday, April 14, 2021


Actually managed to finish Sculptjanuary in Jan, but didnt have the time to post this. The topics in the prompt list were quite good, however I was overwhelmed with life and this is the best I could do. Heres the full set:

Heres the prompt list I followed:

To truely appreciate them check them out in 3d (also VR and AR enabled) at 
or in the embed below

SculptJanuary2021 by Chaitanya Krishnan on Sketchfab

Let me know if you would like to see me print any of these, or refine and put them up on shapeways.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Skull Face Mech W.I.P

Work In Progress.. had to do one of those skull in an astronaut/mech suit things myself.. so here it is

The Skull was originally sculpted for Sculptjanuary2021.

Sunday, January 17, 2021