Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Boardgame and an Escher Puzzle

Found these two beauties on the Play Store last night.. installed them immediately.

Hitman Go
I've never been a hardcore fan of the Hitman franchise.. i've honestly only played a few minutes of one of the earlier games on a friend's computer.. liked it.. but just never got into it.
For Hitman fans, let me tell you right away, its not a shooter. it is however a really engaging puzzler. One anyone can play.. even with the least Hitman experience :)

What made me get the game is of course the unique
- artwork: beautiful little dioramas showing frozen moments in time..
- soundtrack: a subtle yet haunting tune thats at times upbeat.. making one feel like your planning a real caper
- game play: the only other time i've liked this kind of game-play was a few years back with a gorgeous turn based multi-player flash game that the makers of The Legend of Zorro had put on their site to build anticipation for their movie. footage of that old game can be seen here .

i miss board games.. and just couldn't pass up the chance of having one on my phone!
get it here

Monument Valley
Had been following the progress on Monument Valley for a while now.. I've been an Escher fan since Art School.. and couldn't pass this one up :)

The game is set in a twisted landscape that seems right out of the mind of M.C.Escher .. you have to manipulate it in ways that will defy the laws of physics/optics.. to get your character through each level.

Each level is a visual masterpiece.. and i found myself taking my time with each one :)

get it here

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