Monday, October 23, 2023

Upskilling in Metaverse Tech

In the past year I have explored various platforms and identified skillsets necessary for an artist/creator working with the metaverse. Have conducted experiments to evaluate various platforms and begun learning platforms that are going to be central to this ever evolving landscape.

This includes:
Mainstream game engines – Unreal and Unity
Upcoming platforms such as – and many more.

Progress so far:
Have successfully adapted a 3d scene to work across 3platforms – Unity, Unreal and Spatial

The original scene was born from this sketch.

It was refined and eventually finished piece of 2d concept art.

This was later translated to 3d in Blender using a stylized hand painted texture workflow.
(click to view the 3d model)

The transfer to metaverse platforms and game engines can be seen below:

Unity 3d


Unreal Engine

 Spatial can be viewed in 3d at

Project Spark

It is a fresh morning on Mars. In his lair, Spark begins his morning routine - oiling his rusty joints and reading last prints of the books he salvaged. His friend Bibi awaits with a little prank! Explore the Martian landfill together with the robot protagonists. First episode of the adventures of Spark & Bibi.

On computer, middle click and drag to pan, or use the annotation arrows to hop around
On touch screen, 2 fingers
(its real-time, so you can zoom in, rotate etc..)

This movie took over a year to create and was a collaboration project between Sketchfab artists:

Lead artist, storyboarding, modelling, rough animating: Conrad Justin
Modelling, animating: Igor Puškarić
Observatory concept: Chaitanya Krishnan (me)
Bones and gears: Terrie Simmons
Several pipes: dark-minaz
Ideas, support: Tycho

Was fortunate to be part of the team that worked on this fantastic realtime animation short.

My addition was this floating observatory .. sort of in a shattered reality kind of stasis.. like if the base of the tower was a lab where a wierd experiment went wrong and wiped out the lab and froze time in that area

For a detailed breakdown of the whole project check out

The team presented this project at Blender Conference here