Monday, October 23, 2023

Project Spark

It is a fresh morning on Mars. In his lair, Spark begins his morning routine - oiling his rusty joints and reading last prints of the books he salvaged. His friend Bibi awaits with a little prank! Explore the Martian landfill together with the robot protagonists. First episode of the adventures of Spark & Bibi.

On computer, middle click and drag to pan, or use the annotation arrows to hop around
On touch screen, 2 fingers
(its real-time, so you can zoom in, rotate etc..)

This movie took over a year to create and was a collaboration project between Sketchfab artists:

Lead artist, storyboarding, modelling, rough animating: Conrad Justin
Modelling, animating: Igor Puškarić
Observatory concept: Chaitanya Krishnan (me)
Bones and gears: Terrie Simmons
Several pipes: dark-minaz
Ideas, support: Tycho

Was fortunate to be part of the team that worked on this fantastic realtime animation short.

My addition was this floating observatory .. sort of in a shattered reality kind of stasis.. like if the base of the tower was a lab where a wierd experiment went wrong and wiped out the lab and froze time in that area

For a detailed breakdown of the whole project check out

The team presented this project at Blender Conference here


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