Friday, April 24, 2015

Implosion: Warframe-esque action on Android

A while back I'd started following all the gameplay videos and other hype around a AAA title Warframe(PC and Consoles). While my computer met the specs.. I was right in the middle of some heavy animation projects that required every bit of space on my drives. So I satisfied myself with gameplay videos on youtube.. 

I've long wished there was a good mech/evangelion style game on Android.. that I could pull out at any time and get my gaming on.

That wish came true today in the form of Implosion by Rayark Inc.
Its available on both Android and IOS. Heres my experience with the Android Version.

Screenshots from my Nexus 5

The game perspective is at times.. dungeon explorer and at times side scroller.. am hoping a true 3rd person view will also occur.. as its shown in some clips and screenshots.. 

Heres what it looks like on my phone so far.

The spectacular graphics and silky smooth gameplay and animations come at a price. The game weighs in at 1.2gb(varies by device).. but looks gorgeous. The screenshots below are at full rez.

Update: one week later

The game is freaking tough.. its not as easy going as the first 6 free levels. Thats right the first 6 levels are free after that you make an ingame payment and unlock the rest. No extra download.. its all already installed.

The first level boss is tough.. but once you figure out the rythm of his/its attacks you can start dealing damage.. and slowliy era him down. He is fixed in place.. so that helps a bit.

The second level boss was bloody tough.. i actually had to give up and go into my character's confusing "Arc settings" and properly optimise all his powers and abilities before i could go back and kick his butt. Unlike his predecessor, this guy could follow me around the level.. pounce and deal heavy damage.

The graphics do not disappoint! I assumed the levels would get monotonous eventually.. but each level has loads of original prop meshs and textures.. not to mention lighting and the unique camera angles.. it fluidly goes from dungeon/adventure to sidescroller and even a 3rd person angle.

That holographic map on the table is animated!

Later some tanks like this break and these creepy human-xenomorph hybrids with wolverine claw blades appear!

The mid level bosses are no joke.. they look pretty nasty like this double torso medusa.. and some large robotic opponents..cloaking panther/wolf robots. This is where picking up gun upgrades helps.. these temporary projectile or energy weapons upgrades do some good damage.. but it usually comes down to the sword.

I can't comment on the story yet, as I havn't finished it.. but I like it so far.. not that original and predictive at times.. lets see what the finale brings.