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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Matte Black Stealth Bike

Went for a meeting with a client yesterday. rode back with a friend on his bike...
we had a puncture on the way, and luckyly it happened on CBI road(bangalore) where there happen to be a lot of automotive supplies and mechanic shops..

so while the tire was getting fixed, we walked up and down the road and i picked up two cans of matte black paint. Kept one at work and took the other home with me.

on the spur of the moment .. sometime last night i decided to paint the bike!make it look like a stealth bike :)

will have to bring the other can home as well.. maybe buy another one.. for touch ups(old color still showing through in some places).

note: should have masked the pistons on the front forks as well :(

covered the whole bike last night(13 oct 2010)..

just a few nooks and crannies left.. will do that tonight,
and then take off the masking.. and shoot it in the morning :)