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Monday, October 18, 2010

Call of Duty for Android

This beautiful top down 2d shooter from the Call of Duty Franchise is a must have for Android using COD MW fans.

Its called Call of Duty Modern Warfare : Force Recon (quite a mouthful), and is made by Glu Games.
The best thing is that the full game is available for free till 29th Oct 2010.. at

Don't worry if your device is not listed as supported, mine(Samsung GT i5801) wasn't either.. so i downloaded the version for the GT i5800 and manually installed it. It works fine.

Will post more on the game's story/campaign after i finish it.. so far the gameplay is simple enough.
here are some stills

you get to use various weapons.. including bazookas, sniper rifles
and heavy machineguns

as well as shoot from a gunship

looks like a lot of fun :)

(c) 2009 Activision Publishing. Inc. Activision. Call of Duty and Modern Warfare are registered trademarks of Activision Publishing. Inc. All rights reserved.

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