Saturday, October 16, 2010

Finished Bioshock2!!

(do not read in case you are playing bioshock2 and havn't finished the game yet)

Just finished Bioshock2 .. its been sitting on my machine for a little over 6 months!
anyway it was a good ending.
Just like the previous one this one also had alternate endings! turns out there are 4. and i got the 4th one. the happiest one, coz i played as a "good" guy :) (rescued all the little sisters)
anyway heres what they all look like-

the first two are the "evil" endings and the other two are the "good" endings..
Subject Delta(the character you play as) is mortally injured in all scenarios and must die. however in the last one

Eleanor absorbs his essence so he can live on in her. and then accompanied by a group of rescued Little Sisters..

..begins a new life.

In the evil endings none of the little sisters survive and Eleanor absorbs Subject Delta's powers only to make herself more powerful..

so she can take over the rest of the world or whatever..

Of course this all happens after you escape from the underwater city of Rapture.. unfortunately it means that there may not be another Bioshock game set in Rapture.. unless they do a prequel.. With the announcement of the new Bioshock Infinite being set in an airborne city called Columbia those hopes of seeing Rapture again have been dashed.

Still this is by far the best game i've played in terms of art and story. With such a tallented team working on it, i guess the city of Columbia might just be incredibly awesome too.

to see the previous Bioshock's alternate endings go here

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