Monday, December 8, 2008

Bioshock's endings.

(do not read incase you are playing bioshock and havn't finished the game yet)
Finally finished Bioshock a few minutes back. Was putting off the final Fontaine boss battle for too long :)

First off, the bad guy- Frank Fontaine

is none other than Atlas, the guy who's been "helping" you since the beginning of the game...

he just wanted you to fulfil his own private agenda. first it seemed impossible to kill him. i landed up at this level with very low ammo and health kits.. the trick is to focus on fontaine and keep strafing(side stepping) while shooting... completely ignore the continuous stream of murderous splicers and bots.. i used the trap bolts in the first two rounds and then the rocket launcher and frag grenade launcher in the final round. i've heard that other more creative playerss have used telekenisis to throw catch and throw stuff at him... i hardly ever used most of these powers... just used the "Incinerate" power once in a while, and the "Fake-Dummy- holographic-projector" power to distract him.

The game's ending is determined by the way you deal with the "little sisters" throughout the game. Heres the ingame intro to the little sisters:

basically whenever you capture one of these little sisters(which is a lot of work as they are always protected by a "big daddy" as seen above) you have the option to either harvest the Adam from them or "exorcise" them and let them go.

this is what the rescue/exorcism looks like:

and this is what the Harvest looks like:

pretty ghastly huh? ..

depending on the choices you make throughout the game, you get one of the following endings...

Good ending(you saved most of the little sisters):

thats the ending i got, coz i'm just not mean enough to kill lil girls...even creepy murdering ones :)

so i looked on youtube to see what the other ending looked like..see below

Bad ending(you Harvested/killed most of the little sisters):

waiting for the inevitable sequel now


anonymous said...

Anonymous writes:I harvested 1 Little sister at most 2 in the entire game. I'm pretty sure it was only 1. And I still got the bad guy ending :( I so wanted the positive ending and sorta feel cheated. QQ

chaitanyak said...

thats weird!

anonymous said...

Anonymous writes:But yup, IF you actually harvest some, and rescue some, you sorta get the bad ending with diferent narration, like, instead of Tenebaum be angry at you, she will speak in a sad tone, but that's pretty it, if you kill all the little sisters, then you get her mad XD, anyways i got the good ending, because, i just dont like to kill litle girls, and all FPS games with actually story that the character says abslute nothing, i kinda like to do the style of good guy n stuff (or shit, for evil players).

chaitanyak said...

hmm.. havnt finished bioshock 2 yet.. lets see if its more "by the book" here