Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thermo chromatic coffee mugs

Thermo chromatic coffee mugs i got my parents and sister for Christmas 08 used my own artwork. Got it done through this website :
Basically they are black at room temprature, and once you pour something hot or warm into them, the black coating becomes transparent and you see the printed artwork underneath. I had 3 of these made, but my dad took the third one back home with him before i could shoot some pics of it. heres the other two:

the colours are a lot lot richer(see original art below) than these pics :) they just look bad coz of the lighting in my kitchen.
heres some videos of the transformation:

Blue Crawler

heres the original artwork:

robo bird1 by ~chaitanyak on deviantART

green turtles by ~chaitanyak on deviantART

green crawler by ~chaitanyak on deviantART

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