Friday, November 13, 2009

Unreal Development Kit - FREE NOW

The UDK Kit is now Free to download! as in you no longer have to buy one of the games it used to come bundled with(like Gears of War PC) The awesome Unreal game engine has been used in the Unreal games as well as other awesome games like Gears of War and Batman:Arkham Asylum.. the UDK kit will theoretically allow anyone to build games of that caliber!

heres the launch trailer:

heres a Developer Diary about the kit:

The UDK installer is a 562mb file that can be downloaded from various mirrors.. found here at the official UDK site

I put it for download from the mirror on the Nvidia site.. a few days back.. but due to constant interruptions it only finished last night. I tried it out this morning.
basically it looks like a simplified version of a standard 3d modelling program like 3ds max or blender.. which means that unless you'r already comfortable using "visually-complex" interfaces.. you're going to have a tough time with this.
so far have been able to load up the demo level ,move things it.. havn't actually created any original content yet.. will have to work on this over the weekend..
heres what it looks like:
it opens with this welcome screen

after going through all the tabs i decided that i needed to come back later after reading some documentation..
the level visible is dark.. and well theres only one object in it.. so no point doing much here other than clicking the lil "play in viewport" button
this lets you play the level.. which in this case amounts to just shooting your gun's blue glowy ammo into the dark..

So I opened the demo level.. and tadaa!
and now if you press the "play in viewport" button
you can actually play the little level.. basically you can walk around.. drive one of the vehicles.. fire its weapons.. go up the elevator.. onto the landing.. plant a bomb on a wall and blow it away.. then walk in and trigger a cinematic that brings in a NPC robot dude.. you can shoot up this dude.
I have been able to change some of the collision behaviours on the objects.. will have to spend some time on the docs now.

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