Monday, February 7, 2011

Froyo on Galaxy 3

Found yet another tutorial on how to use Odin to flash froyo to a galaxy3.. this time it was posted in the comments of one of my previous posts.. also had heard good things about the latest froyo firmware version Jba doing the rounds on XDA forums.. so decided to give it a go last night.. being the weekend and me obviously not having a life anymore :P

After reading through the instructions, comments and downloading the required files, i ran odin.. the first flash didn't work.. the phone did boot up and get to homescreen.. and i could see the froyo interface.. but the second i clicked it, it froze..

tried flashing around 6-7 times and it just refused to boot.
finally i gave up and decided to flash my original firmware I5801DDJG5.. unfortunately i hadn't backed it up and couldn't find a download link for it .. so i used I5801DDJG6 ..

once this was loaded i did some reading and found that there might have been an issue with I5801DDJG5.. and now that i had I5801DDJG6.. flashing froyo might just work.. so i tried it one last time.
it worked!

runs really smoothly .. have to just sit and reinstall all my apps.. and more :) coz i now have apps2sd :D and a 4gb sd card :D

for the tutorial please go to Ashwin's blog post at

1)hmm z4root doesn't seem to be working.. will have to figure out how to root all over again :P
the same blog where i got the tutorial for flashing froyo.. now has a new tutorial for rooting.. but so far have had partial success(it roots..but fails to find "mount point")

2)stock music player won't work.. so am using winamp.. which i like better anyway
3)there are occasional bugs with random apps.. usually with sms etc.. once or twice a day.. but when i restart it gets fixed.. its not a perfect rom.
4)battery life is seriously compromised.. needs to be recharged every 8-9 hrs..

have decided that its worth it.. coz of app2sd which is brilliant.. will keep using this rom until a better one arrives

UPDATE June18 2010:
the official update is now available through Kies.. its quite slow and fails often due to the size of the update, and the number of people connecting at a time for the update. Hence i just did it manually using the tutorial at this link -


selurus said...

I'm glad you've finally got froyo :D

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Originally posted by selurus:I'm glad you've finally got froyohe he :D yup feels nice to finally join the elite froyo club

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