Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Playing Portal2

Finally played Portal2 this morning.. :D the contrast of the new Aperture labs vs the old is quite crazy.. can't wait to go back home and play.

warning: from the pics below you may or may not be able to tell that the game's artwork is 100% better than my photography skills

I just played till where Glados woke up and smashed Wheatley (the awesome little blue Personality Sphere) that was helping me along.. then i find the portal gun and am about to go through some test chamber while she monologues

Wheatly is a fun character to have along.. apart from being quite talkative he has his quirks.. eg: he can hack these control panels and open hidden doors/wall panels.. but he can't do it when your looking at him :lol:

Performance on my old Dell Inspiron (full spec list) is pretty good with the default settings the game loaded with. in my next session will jack up the graphic settings another notch or two and see how it goes

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