Friday, July 15, 2011

Barsoom brought to life

Edgar Rice Burroughs' arguably less popular/known character John Carter and the world of Barsoom(planet Mars) will be on to the screens in March 2012 thanks to Disney

In the original stories John Carter is an immortal(stuck at age30 and not remembering a childhood) living on earth as a regular human.. (he survives through several generations of his relatives.. and is known as uncle john to them) one fine day out in the middle of nowhere he dies and wakes up on mars.. where because of the lower gravity.. and him being used to earth's higher gravity he appears stronger and more athletic..

saves a princess, becomes a hero and saves the planet from some disaster.

when he dies on mars, he reawakens on earth.. eventually its revealed that he's mastered whatever the process is(some kind of consciousness teleportation or astral projection) and now travels back and forth frequently.

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