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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Best Stunts compilation from 2011

that clip was put together by Giulio Calisse

some tutorials and more videos at these links:
1)Giulio Calisse on Vimeo
2)Giulio Calisse on Youtube

heres a backflip tutorial he edited. performed by Andrea Catozzi)


chaitanyak said...

me too..had joined taekwondo classes in may.. they have some jumping too.. but first they are making me improve stamina and will be a while before i can even try this

thangduybo said...

Look cool !!!! I want to try that but I worry about injuries .

thangduybo said...

I'm working out . I don't think it's gonna work but I work out for my strength . My friend is a cheerleader .Unfortunately , her jump was out of control . Now , she has some trouble with her wrist and she has to do the operation . OMG , I am freaking out .

chaitanyak said...

i fractured my wrist a few years back.. so decided it was about time i started strengthening the ol joints :)