Friday, September 6, 2013

RoboCop Reboot!

In case you havn't seen it yet, heres the brand new trailer for the new RoboCop movie.

The movie stars everyone's favorite detective from the Killing - Joel Kinnaman as the titular character. As you see in the trailer, the suit has been redesigned..

I was tempted to sculpt a model of it(maybe i will some day), and someone even suggested i should :)

..but since time is a bit scarce right now, i only managed this:

click to see in 3d

Blender's Suzanne model tries out RoboCop's old and new gear.. :p done in a couple of hours on Blender .. as a quick modelling exercise.

heres another render

the model is available for download here:

(click to download)

via Inaccessible is Accessible

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